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Speak-A-Message is the free voice recording tool with the widest range of features: 1) SAM Voice Recorder: voice messages are more personal than text message, because your voice carries so much more emotion. We use our voice intuitively and speaking is 3 times faster than typing: simply record a voice message and correct the recording if necessary (voice over). If you want to, you can add a photo, a screenshot or a personalized greeting card and transcribe the voice message automatically to text. Once you are satisfied, share your personal message via email, Facebook or the cloud. 2) SAM View & Record: by adding voice comments your photos start to tell a story - with your own voice. These photo stories are fun and trigger memories a photo alone cannot recall. You can save the photo stories and share them via email, Facebook or the cloud. 3) SAM Voice Diary: your entries become more authenic and lively because this voice diary combines voice comments, images and text. This combination is perfect to bring your memories and emotions back to life or to enable a third person to empathize. This is because the voice makes the diary more lively, emotional, real and authentic than written text. By saving the diary in the latest ebook standard, they will be eternally accessible and easy to share with others. Most of the digital and voice diaries can exclusively be accessed with the software they have been created with. This poses a threat to the future accessibility of your diary. Not so with Speak-A-Message: here you can access, read, view and listen to your voice diary with the standard format for eBooks (EPUB3) - completely independent from Speak-A-Message. With Speak-A-Message your diary is thus future proof.

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